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Learn French from the experts

Whatever your goals and dreams, put your learning in our expert hands. With 135 years' experience, we are the oldest and most trusted French language and culture centre in Melbourne.

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"Why learn French over any other language?" Here are 5 (top) reasons to learn French!

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"I'm looking to learn French near me". You've come to the right place!

From App to Awesome

Many apps and podcasts promise to help you learn French online quickly, easily, and for free. While these tools can assist with rote vocabulary learning and completing grammar exercises, they cannot replace the personalised support and individual feedback that come from learning with a French teacher.

Whether in a classroom or online, our award-winning model is proven to be an effective way to learn French. You will be guided towards achieving your learning objectives, immersed in the French language, and enjoy speaking French in meaningful and authentic interactions from day one.

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Why learn French with us?

Whether you're a total beginner or looking to refresh and improve your school-level French, Alliance Française de Melbourne is the place for you.

France on your doorstep: Convenient online and on-site classes in the heart of Melbourne.

Unrivalled experience: With 140 years of experience and a global network of 830 Alliances Françaises in 135 countries, we are the leading and most-trusted French language centre in the world. 

Our immersive learning method: entirely conducted in French by accredited native-speaking tutors, our classes replicate the experience of living in France and has a proven track record of success. From the moment students step into the classroom, they are speaking and hearing French, ensuring an authentic and effective learning experience.

A full experience with a focus on culture, social and community events, and more!


What can help me progress faster?

Throughout your learning journey, immerse yourself in French at every opportunity. This will help you expand your vocabulary, develop an ear for the accent, and boost your confidence. There are so many ways to engage, so why not:

  • Enjoy French music, podcasts, and more, available for free here.
  • Connect with our large Francophone and Francophile community at our events.


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