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Children's courses

High quality French courses designed for your children, provided by our highly trained native-speaking tutors.

Important notes

⚠️ If your child has not previously taken classes with AFM, please do not enrol directly online. Please call us on
(03) 9525 3463 or book a level assessment with our Children's Course Coordinator.

If you cannot find a suitable course here, please contact us for full details of our children's classes. If no class is currently available, you will be invited to join our waiting list.  

Term Courses

Extra-curricular classes for children from 3 years old.

Holiday Courses

One-week holiday program to develop their skills through fun exercises.

Lauriston School Club

Exclusively for students enrolled in Lauriston Girls School.


Level assessment

Book a level assessment with our Children's Course Coordinator. Both the child and a parent need to be present.

Offer your child the skills for lifelong success. Young minds are eager to learn and have a unique way of picking up languages. Discover the benefits of bilingualism.


Making friends is easier, thanks to stronger communication skills, more sensitivity to others' perspectives and greater empathy.


Having a sense of cultural identity grounds children and can improve mental health by establishing a strong sense of self-worth.


When life throws curveballs, the bilingual brain can help you recover more quickly from strokes and slow the onset of dementia.


The neural pathways formed when learning another language improve your ability to remember (and communicate) information.

Brain function

Learning a language is exercise for your brain, improving cognitive functions including critical thinking and problem solving.


Achieve higher grades thanks to brains geared towards concentration, problem solving, understanding and multitasking.


Improve the ability to focus your attention and avoid distraction when processing and communicating information.

Job Opportunities

Bilingual people have a range of career opportunities not available to monolingual speakers. Gain your competitive edge.

Sources: ABCNCBI

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