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French exams & diplomas | TCF: Test de Connaissance du Français

Get your French skills certified!

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General information

| TCF Tout public

Test de Connaissance du Français tout public
 / French Language Test. It allows non-native speakers of French to obtain a simple, effective and precise evaluation of their skills in comprehension and expression. It assesses general French language skills for those whose first language is not French.

Exam components Duration and type of questions Price
Listening Comprehension 25 mins / 29 multiple-choice questions AU$ 379.00
Reading Comprehension 45 mins / 29 multiple-choice questions
Language Structures 15 mins / 18 multiple-choice questions
Writing 60 mins / 3 exercises AU$ 199.00
Speaking 15 mins / one-on-one, 3 exercises AU$ 199.00

| TCF Canada

Test de Connaissance du Français Canada / French Language Test for Canada

Minimum age to enrol: 16 years old.
Public: Anyone, regardless of nationality and her native language, wishing to initiate proceedings of immigration with the Canadian ministry for immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. This TCF has been designed to meet the requirements of the authorities which make mandatory and systematic testing and French or English exams as part of the procedures for issuance of a visa. The French and the French speakers are also affected by this measure. No other TCF test or diploma are accepted as proof French language level.
Levels : from A1 to C2
The TCF Canada is recognised
for 2 years.

The TCF Canada is organised in 4 exercises which evaluate the skills in French:

Exam components Duration and type of questions Price
Listening Comprehension 35 mins / 39 multiple-choice questions AU$ 695.00
Reading Comprehension 60 mins / 39 multiple-choice questions
Writing 60 mins / 3 exercises
Speaking 12 mins / one-on-one, 3 exercises

More information on
France Education International website

Schedule for 2024

Unless clearly advised otherwise, all exams are organised at our offices Level 13, 55 Swanston street, 3000 Melbourne, during business hours. We reserve the right to add extra days for each session.

Please note that candidates will not be able to choose their examination date. They will receive an email one week before the test at the latest to inform them of the precise day(s) and time of their examinations.

Sessions Dates Enrollments
From 09.09.2024 to 11.09.2024 TCF tout public Open (deadline 26.07.2024)
From 27.08.2024 to 29.08.2024 TCF Canada Open (deadline 19.07.2024)
From 12.09.2024 to 13.09.2024 TCF Canada Open (deadline 26.07.2024)

How to register

Expression of interest

Apply by completing this form.

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Test your would like to present

TCF tout public
TCF Canada

If you have any questions, please contact the Reception desk on 03 9525 3463. 


Results are sent to the test centre within 15 working days of receipt of the examination electronically only.

Candidates receive a digital certificate of results with a total score between 100 and 699 as well as a mention of the corresponding Common European Reference Framework for Languages level, from A1 to C2:







100-199 points

200-299 points

300-399 points

400-499 points

500-599 points

600-699 points

In order to qualify to score points for Canada immigration purposes, candidates need to have a B2 (Advanced) level minimum.

For further information about TCF, visit the France Education International's website.

For further information about Canadian immigration application, visit www.canadavisa.com.

How to prepare

Group courses:
we offer collective courses from A1 to C1 levels online, in the CBD, and South Yarra, including DELF/DALF preparation courses throughout the year. Not sure what your level is? Click here to fill in our quick online assessment request form and a tutor will contact you to discuss course options.


Not sure what your level is? Take this free online self-assessment created by the FEI and RFI (page in French).