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Level assessment for adults

Thinking of learning French but don't know where to start?
You are in good hands! Just follow the steps below to find out in which class you should enrol in.

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Option 1: Never learnt French before?

It's easy:
you can either enrol to a Beginner 1 Comprehensive course or join a Discovery course for complete beginner.

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Option 2: Book an oral assessment (recommended)

Already learnt French, even a long time ago? Book an oral assessment with one of our French tutor. Don't worry, it's only a basic and relaxed conversation (10-15 minutes). At the end , our tutor will be able to recommend the best class for your level!

Oral assessment Oral assessment

Option 3: Take an online placement test

Alternatively to the oral assessment, take an online placement test. Follow the link below to start the test in your own time. At the end, you will receive an email with your level, and you can enrol in your ideal class. 

Placement test Placement test

Oral assessment

Book a level assessment with one of our French tutors below.

Please note: only adults currently in Australia will be assessed.
Level assessments are conducted by phone and we are unable to make international calls
Level assessments for children and teens are available here.

Need any help with your level assessment?
Email or call our Customer Service!

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Discover our range of French classes for adults,
from beginners to advanced levels. 

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