From App to Awesome: Unleash your Inner Francophone

App Users, Your French Adventure Awaits!️

, downloading a language app is great way to dip your toe into the French language. Ready to go beyond the screen and take your French skills to the next level?

Here are 5 reasons to learn French with Alliance Française de Melbourne (AFM).

1. "Ze" teachers

Who can teach you French better than a native-speaker? At Alliance Française de Melbourne, all our classes are provided by qualified French-native turors, why?

  • They are passionate about sharing French language and culture;
  • They guide you to master your pronunciation;
  • They give you a true feel of France with the nice touch of a French accent;
  • They share their expert guidance and provide you with personalised feedback on your language skills;
  • They don't judge you: as French expats, they know what it feels like to speak a foreign language and to make mistakes (and it's okay!). They are there to help you make real progress and enjoy your French journey!

    2. La crème de la crème of language centres

    Et oui ! We are the premier French language centre in Victoria with 133 years of expertise! In over a century, we have tried and tested the very best methods to help you reach your language goals. How?

    • With well-structured lessons covering all aspects of language learning from grammar and vocabulary to speaking, listening, reading, and writing.
    • With an immersive environment and classes largely conducted in French. Don't worry, your teacher will adapt the class according to your level to make sure you are never lost in translation!
    • With a textbook to help you follow your class stress-free and hang on to all the key lessons. 
    • With online support and your very own Student Portal where you can easily find information about your class and supporting documents shared by your teacher to have extra tools to master the French language!

      3. Meet Frenchy pals

      It's time to say au revoir to solo learning! Ditch the monotony of apps and the hours spent scrolling on your phone to meet other French learners who share your language goals. Your weekly class will soon become your French escape and an unmissable social rendez-vous.

      Both in-person and online courses involve face-to-face conversation time with your instructor and classmates. This is the best way to practice what you've just learnt in class, get immediate feedback, and the opportunity to ask questions and clarify any doubts.

      French it up with a glass of wine at home, or meet your classmates for an apéro at the end of the course!

      4. La culture !

      On top of our French classes, we offer a large variety of cultural activities: events, game nights, book clubs, conversation groups, wine tastings and cultural workshops with discounted prices for our students. Learn French and live your best French life all-in-one at Alliance Française de Melbourne. 

      Cerise sur le gâteau (cherry on the cake): as an AFM student, get free access to our e-library, playlists, podcasts in French, and more!

      5. Stay motivated

      75% of language app users stop their learning journey within the first month...and that's normal! 

      Attending scheduled classes at Alliance Française de Melbourne will help you stay committed to your language learning journey. The sense of accountability and motivation that comes from attending a class contribute to consistent progress.

      Your teacher, classmates, and the AFM Team will help you keep up your motivation!

      Let's do it!
      Let's do it!

      Not sure about your level? Book an oral assessment with one of our French tutors or test your level in French online.

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