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FREE Photo exhibition

Portraits of French cinema 


Since its creation in 1949, Unifrance - the organisation responsible for promoting French cinema and TV programs internationally - has always sought to collaborate with the greatest photographers to immortalise iconic French directors, actors, actresses, showrunners, screenwriters, and film composers emblematic of French cinematographic and audiovisual creation. Among the illustrious portraitists who have contributed to showcasing these French artists around the world, whether established or emerging, include Sam Lévin, Philippe R. Doumic, Philippe Delacroix, Matias Indjic, Thierry Valletoux, Emanuele Scorcelletti, Jean-Baptiste Le Mercier, Philippe Quaisse, Marie Rouge, and the prestigious Studio Harcourt.

The exhibition unveiled as part of the 35th edition of the Alliance Française French Film Festival presents portraits commissioned by Unifrance on the occasion of the Unifrance Rendez-vous in Paris, the Cannes Film Festival, and the Toronto International Film Festival. They are signed by Marie Rouge, Philippe Quaisse, and Jean-Baptiste Le Mercier.

Get up close and personal with some of the biggest stars of French cinema. Step inside our Cultural Pop Up to gaze upon some of the best French actors starring in the 35th edition of the Alliance Française French Film Festival.

The nighteen photographs will be exhibited at the Alliance Française Cultural Pop-Up from March 5th to April 15th.

                                                           Opening hours Tuesdays to Fridays 12 to 3 PM


Photos: © Arpan Basu Chowdhury  | © Patrick Loste