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Call for entries 

Student, teacher, examiner... Have you already taken part in the Berthe Mouchette Competition ?

On the occasion of its 130th anniversary, we would love to collect a compilation of  testimonials, short video clips, to be shared at the Awards Ceremony
to inspire all the budding

It’s pretty easy really: just film yourself (or have someone film you) on your device, format landscape, against a plain or brick wall, responding to each of the following: 

1. What year did you take part?
2. Do you remember the poem you recited? 
3. What do you remember about the poem?
4. Could you share a fond or funny memory of your experience?
5. Do you still have a link with the French language today

If you can’t respond to them all, that’s totally OK, just respond to the ones you can. Who knows, you might enjoy the challenge and the stroll down memory lane!

Create a separate video clip for each response and save each file as: YOUR NAME and the Q1/2/3 etc. you responded to. (eg. Paul Lewis Q2) 

Please contact Elodie Rambaud at schoolcoordinator@afmelbourne.com.au before March 12th and she will send you a link to upload your short video clips to.

We look forward to seeing you and hearing your memories !

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