Special Event: Franjo in Melbourne

You might have seen the news: French comedian Franjo is touring in Australia. But wait... who is Franjo?

Franjo, whose real name is François-Joseph, is a 29-year-old Parisian comedian. His journey to the spotlight began on social media, where he captivated audiences with his humorous videos. In 2015, Franjo transitioned from the digital world to live performances, taking the stage for the first time and setting the course for a promising career in comedy.

In 2016, Franjo made a significant breakthrough by joining Artus's show as an opening act at the iconic La Cigale in Paris. His talent didn't go unnoticed, and he soon became a regular face on the Jamel Comedy Club show, recording weekly episodes that endeared him to a wider audience. By 2018, Franjo had officially joined the Jamel Comedy Club troupe, further solidifying his place in the French comedy circuit.

Under the mentorship of Jamel Debbouze, Franjo had the opportunity to open for the show "Maintenant ou Jamel," which showcased his comedic prowess to even larger audiences. His career continued to grow as he participated in the 10th season of Jamel Comedy Club and the inaugural edition of the program "Génération Paname." That same year, he also made his mark at the Paris Humour Festival and performed at the France-Algeria gala at the Grand Rex, further expanding his repertoire and fanbase.

In 2023, Franjo embarked on a new creative venture by starting work on his first short film, demonstrating his versatility and passion for storytelling beyond stand-up comedy.

Following the remarkable success of Paul Taylor’s show in May 2023, the Alliances Françaises of Australia are thrilled to welcome Franjo this year for a special tour. This event underscores our commitment to bringing French culture to Australia offering audiences a taste of French humor and entertainment beyond France.

Calling all French and Francophones in Melbourne: Don't miss the chance to see Franjo live at The National Theatre Melbourne on Tuesday 13 August 2024! Get ready for an evening  filled with laughter, wit, and the unique charm of French comedy! This event promises to be a highlight for French-speaking comedy enthusiasts and anyone interested in experiencing the vibrant French cultural scene.

Visit our dedicated page (in French) for more info and tickets.

Please note that Franjo's comedy show will be performed entirely in French and is recommended for audiences aged 16 and over.