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Q&A Beginner 2 - Beginner 4

Location : Online (Zoom)

Why is it
j’ai 35 ans and not je suis 35 ans to say “I am 35”?

What is the meaning of: tu fais quoi dans la vie?

How do you know if a word is masculine or feminine?

What is the difference between j’ai chaud and il fait chaud?

As a new French learner, you might have lots of questions about the French language… and that’s fantastique! Being curious about grammar and vocabulary is the first step towards understanding another language and making real progress. We are delighted to organise this first Q&A workshop to give you the opportunity to ask us anything, to support you in your French studies, and share learning tips!

This workshop is exclusively for AFM students enrolled in a Beginner 2 or Beginner 3 class in Term 2 or Term 2, Express A. Register using the form below.

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