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Grammar Clinic: Complex & Double Pronouns - Week 2

Product Code: EComplexDoublePronounsMWFA - Week 2 2021

Age Group Adults
Type Holiday Intensive
Session 2021 - Summer Holiday Intensives
Pace 2 hours per day over 3 days
Level Grammar Clinic: Complex & Double Pronouns (Online)
Schedules 18 Jan 2021 to 22 Jan 2021
  • Mon, Wed, Fri - 10:00am to 12:00pm at Online

Sometimes one pronoun just isn’t enough! In your French classes, you’ve most likely come across reflexive, adverbial, direct, indirect and relative pronouns (see below) – but what happens when you need to use more than one? It’s sometimes tricky to know what pronouns to use and in what order.

In this 3-part French course over three days, all the different types of pronouns will be revised and students will be introduced to double and complex pronouns. Students will complete a range of dynamic reading and writing exercises to ensure they understand how and when to use them. Students will be able to practice using these double and complex pronouns through dynamic speaking exercises that will consolidate their learning.

This course is designed for students who have a level of B1.3 or higher.

• Adverbial pronouns: y and en
Eg. “J’y vais” or “tu en veux ?”

• Direct pronouns: me, te, le, la, nous, vous, les
Eg. “Il l’a fait” or “Ils nous appellent”

• Indirect pronouns: me, te, lui, nous, vous, leur
Eg. “Tu lui donnes” or “Nous leur proposons”

• Reflexive pronouns: me, te, se, nous, vous, se
Eg. “Je me lève” or “Vous vous connaissez”

• Relative pronouns: dont, lequel, où, que, qui
Eg. “Les raisons pour lesquelles” or “La personne avec qui”

This course takes place 100% online. Each day you will take part in a face-to-face virtual class via Zoom, which will run during the stated course schedule above. Additionally, you will also gain access to our online platform Apolearn, where you can interact with your teacher and your fellow students. This is also where your teacher will upload class content during the course. If Zoom and Apolearn are new tools for you, rest assured - we will be guiding you along the way! All students will receive more information on how to use both platforms prior to your first class.

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