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Visit France | Caen

23 November 2021

7 things to do in Caen, Normandy

On the 16 November, we embarked on a virtual trip to Caen in Normandy, and we collected the top tips from the Caen Tourism Board to help you make the most of your next trip to France!


1. Explore the breathtaking architecture

Walk around the medieval city centre: from the Castle built by William the Conqueror, to the two majestic abbeys passing through the Vaugueux district. Discover the city of a hundred spires, enjoy the atmospheric marina and the cutting-edge architecture on la presqu’ île de Caen. While in town, take the opportunity to eat or do some shopping.

2. Uncover the rich history of the Second World War at the Memorial Museum

Spend a day at the Memorial Museum and learn more about the Second World War and the D-Day landings.

Bring your kids for an engaging experience: the Museum offers plenty of activities for families and school groups.

3. Book a tour on the D-Day landing beaches

4. Take a trip to the local market

Head to Saint-Sauveur market on Friday mornings and start your day with a coffee in one of the charming cafés on the place. Peruse the many market stalls and create an authentic French picnic with (lots of) cheese, fresh bread and vegetables to eat in one of the stunning parks in Caen such as le jardin des plantes or la colline aux oiseaux.


5. Have a relaxing day in Ouistreham

Spend the day in the sea-side town of Ouistreham, located 17km from Caen and accessible by car, bus or bike via la voie verte along the canal. Visit the daily fresh fish market which is open every morning of the week by the port, before spending the rest of the day at the Thalazur spa.



6. Brunch at La Ferme de Billy

If Melbourne is renowned for having the best brunches in the world, La Ferme de Billy poses serious competition thanks to a generous buffet of home-made cuisine and local products. Try the house cider and apple juice and enjoy the cosy atmosphere of the farm which embraces both tradition and modernity.



7. Visit the gems of Normandy

Situated in an ideal location within Normandy, more amazing sights are within a couple of hours reach! Plan a day trip to the Mont Saint-Michel, Rouen, Granville & the Chausey Islands or Cotentin.

Need more information? Visit the Caen Tourism Board website or contact them for bespoke advice.

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