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Further Study & Career Opportunities

Step confidently into the next chapter of your life, knowing that a world of opportunities awaits you simply because you can communicate in French.


Study French at University

The University of Melbourne, MonashRMIT as well as many other universities offer French degree. Continue progressing in French and open a world of travels and opportunities.

A university mobility program offers a wide, life-changing range of benefits.

Video | Watch Luke Gordon who studied French talking about his experience in France.


Study in France

Campus France is an invaluable resource for those looking to study in France. They provide advice and assistance for choosing where in France to study, selecting and enrolling in university courses, and provide advice for financing your trip. 

You can also be experiencing French learning in one of the AF in France. Read more


Benefits of studying abroad

Embrace a new way of life: step out of your comfort zone and experience new traditions and customs.

Expand employment opportunities: develop new skills and demonstrate resilience, problem-solving, and interpersonal abilities.

Diversify your education: immerse yourself in a new academic setting and experience different teaching styles.

Refine your language skills: put your French to the ultimate test, living daily life - and maybe even studying - in French.

Make new, life-long friends: exchange is a transformative experience, and leads to deep friendships that last a lifetime.

Enjoy travelling the world.


Career opportunities

Being bilingual open many opportunities. Why not starting a career in:

  • Education, as a French teacher
  • Arts and communications, as a curator, interpreter, translator, multilingual proofreader, or technical writer
  • Health, as a speech-language pathologist
  • Tourism, travel, and hospitality
  • Diplomatic services, as a Political Advisor or Foreign Service Officer.

Even if speaking French isn't required for the job, being bilingual can make a significant difference. Your resume will stand out, giving you an advantage over other candidates!

Career Prospects for Bilinguals

Source: NSW School of Languages

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