Revision & Conversation Courses

Brush up your skills and practise everyday conversations.

18-hour course (2h/week for 9 weeks)

Two levels available: beginner and intermediate

Unsure of your level? Unsure of your level? 

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Starting 12 August 2024

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(A2) Intermediate

Revision & Conversation - Intermediate (A2)

Revision & Conversation Courses

You have completed the Intermediate levels and have come so far in your French-learning journey. You’ve taken in a lot of grammar and vocabulary, and are becoming more and more skilled at speaking a whole new language. C’est fantastique! 

With a focus on conversation, we will put your skills into practice to boost your confidence and proficiency when speaking French. Our native-speaking tutors are excited to help you apply your knowledge and take your French up a notch. 

No textbook is required. All material will be provided by the tutor

Pace: 1.50 hours per week over 9 weeks

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