Masterclass: Calvados

$120.00 AUD
inc GST
Approx $84.72 USD

Join us for this special masterclass with Valerie Blayac, owner and director of and Cerbaco Distribution, specialist in French spirits, aperitifs, Whisky and more, who will have the pleasure of introducing you to the beautiful spirits made from apples in Normandy.

This masterclass will offer you the rare opportunity to taste six different drinks, including Pommeau (Aperitif) and Calvados (3 years old to 50 years old). Samples of each will be delivered to you ahead of the event.

The selection has been made from among the most acclaimed Calvados producers: Adrien Camut (Pays D’Auge), Roger Groult (Pays D’Auge), Victor Gontier (Domfrontais) and Christian Drouin (Pays D’Auge).

Through this masterclass, you will learn about the history and production of Armagnac, the different AOP (Appellation d’Origine Protégée) classifications, and how to drink and pair Calvados.

All participants will receive a box with:

 This masterclass will be held in English.

Minimum 5 participants for masterclass to go ahead.

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