Grammar clinic: pronouns "y" and "en"

$150.00 AUD
inc GST
Approx $101.40 USD

Tue 12 Jan | For levels A2.4 - B1
At St Kilda | 10.00am to 4.00pm

French "object pronouns" are those tricky little words in sentences that replace nouns affected by verbs. There are two main types that we will study closely during the day: direct (le-la-les) and indirect (lui and leur). It can be quite confusing when they are mixed with the adverbial pronouns  y and  en.
It is important to understand the object pronouns because they are very commonly used and add fluency in French. Once you begin using object and adverbial pronouns, your French will sound a lot more natural.

Le programme de la journee:

In the morning, the teacher will present in English the adverbial pronouns commonly used in French: y and en. You will be able to review how they work and when they are used by comparing with English, observing texts and completing various exercises.
In the afternoon, various speaking activities will take place to allow you put your skills in practice: conversation, games,  jeux de roles, etc.


Bookings are essential. Enrolments are open until Thursday 7th January.

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