Grammar clinic: les Si clauses

$150.00 AUD
inc GST
Approx $105.90 USD

Thu 14 Jan | For levels A1.2 - B1
At St Kilda | 10.00am to 4.00pm

If-then clauses, also known as si clauses, conditionals, or conditional sentences, are sentences with one clause stating a condition or possibility, and a second clause naming a result which is dependent upon that condition.
There are different types of si clauses, involving various tenses in French: present, imparfait, plus-que-parfait, conditionnel present.. This crash course will get your logics working!

Le programme de la journee: 

In the morning, the teacher will compare both English and French grammar to give you a better understanding of grammar concepts that are often difficult to apprehend. You will be able to review how complex sentences are formed in both languages thanks to the teacher's explanations, observing texts and sentences and completing various exercises.
In the afternoon, various speaking activities will take place to allow you put your skills in practice: conversation, games,   jeux de roles, etc.


Bookings are essential. Enrolments are open until Monday 11th January.

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