Grammar clinic: le subjunctive

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Le subjunctive is definitely THE mood that scares students the most. All intermediate French speaker are certainly aware of the subjunctive and know to use it after things like il faut que and je veux que, but there are probably still some expressions or verbs that you're not sure about. Do you use the subjunctive after espérer, and what about il est possible/probable? Our crash course will help you find an answer to all of your subjunctive questions.

Le programme de la journee: 

In the morning, the teacher will present in English the subjunctive mood. You will be able to review how it is formed and when it is used by comparing with English, observing texts and completing various exercises.
In the afternoon, various speaking activities will take place to allow you put your skills in practice: conversation, games, jeux de roles, etc.


Bookings are essential. Enrolments are open until Thursday 17th Sep.

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