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What to expect from your French class

Is learning French on your bucket list? Are you looking to try something new? Or perhaps you are planning a trip to France or a French-speaking country? There are many reasons to take French classes. Check out our top 5 reasons to learn French (the last one might surprise you!).

If you have just enrolled in one of our French courses (or are about to), welcome on board, or as we say in French bienvenue !

Here are some things  to expect from your class and tips to make the most of your French journey with us! 

Your student benefits

In addition to your course, you will receive:

  • Exclusive access to our online student portal. Your teacher will upload documents, extra material and useful resources.
  • FREE use of French Lab, an AI-powered app for French on the go. It is a great way to practise your French using your Messenger app, whenever and wherever it suits you!
  • Wine & cheese, trivia nights, cultural workshops: as a student, you get FREE or discounted prices for our events.
  • FREE access our e-library Culturethèque (books, magazines, news, music). You can also find more French resources (playlists, TV shows, films) and find yummy French recipes: c'est par là (it's here).
  • SBS Easy French podcast in partnership with AFM, an audio news program at a learner-friendly pace (for Independent, Advanced and Expert levels).
  • La Minute, our FREE monthly e-news to Frenchify your life!

    Your classroom & classmates

    We have 5 locations where our team will welcome you during booked course times:

    CBD (Campus & Reception) Level 13, 55 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000
    South Yarra The Commons, 11 Wilson St Melbourne, VIC 3141
    Little Londasle Street at Flex by ISPT, 27 Little Lonsdale St (also accessible through Madame Brussels Lane, 50 Lonsdale St)
    Bendigo Bendigo library, 259 Hargreaves St, VIC 3550

    We also offer e-learning: all our online classes are delivered via virtual classrooms on Zoom. 

    Whether you are joining an online or an on-site class, you will be part of a fabulous group of 12-14 students (maximum). It is a great opportunity to meet new people who share your passion for the French language and culture.

    Your teacher & your first class

    We have a fantastic team of qualified native-speaking French tutors, very friendly and trained to respond to your needs. They are very excited to meet you and speak en français in an immersive French environment. 

    AFM is the premier French language school in Victoria. Did you know that we have been in Melbourne since 1890? We are part of a network of 850 Alliances Françaises providing quality French courses all over the world. Our lessons follow the Cosmopolite textbook. Each class is delivered at a carefully managed pace

    During each lesson you will:

    • learn new vocabulary, useful for every day situations
    • improve your grammar with interactive exercises
    • practise your spoken French.

    Your textbook is digital friendly and can be accessed online. There are plenty of digital activities and homework (we recommend 30 min per week) to achieve your language goals.

    At the beginning of your first class, you will be invited to introduce yourself and get to know your classmates and teacher. You will also have time to socialise on campus during the mid-class break.

    Tips to make the most of your class

    • Immerse yourself! Make your French class a special time to fully embrace your learning journey and good French vibes.
    • Take a notebook and a pen, no doubt your tutor will have plenty of tips and anecdotes to share with you!
    • Have a go! Dare to speak in French and to make mistakes, we love mistakes! It is the best way for you and your classmates to make progress. You are in a friendly environment and nobody will judge you.

    Not enrolled yet? Browse our courses now! Not enrolled yet? Browse our courses now!

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