2019 Catch-up lessons

2018 Catch Up Lessons Terms and Conditions

By enrolling in a Catch-Up lesson at the Alliance Française de Melbourne (“AFM”), you are agreeing to abide by the policies, procedures and regulations of the AFM. This includes agreement with the following terms. You are also providing confirmation that the information you have provided on enrolment is complete and correct.

Registration for Catch-Up lessons:

  1. A Catch-Up lesson can be organised on demand for students who are enrolled in a current Adult Group Course, who have missed a lesson in their current Group Course and need assistance to cover missed content.
  2. Catch-Up lessons may only be organised during the term in which the class is missed.
  3. The Catch-Up lesson must be paid for in full when the booking is made unless the student qualifies for a complimentary Catch-Up (see below).
  4. To organise a Catch-Up lesson it is the student’s responsibility to contact our reception by phone on 9525 3463.
  5. Catch Up Lessons are provided on a first-come, first-served basis, according to teachers’ availabilities.
  6. Catch Up Lessons will be provided by designated catch up teachers.

Catch-up lessons are offered at the following rates:

  1. Students are not entitled to take Catch Up Lessons to cover more than 4 hours’ worth of Group Course Content. Students will need to take Private Tuition at normal Private Tuition rates to cover content when more than 4 hours of class have been missed.
  2. Catch Ups are billed at a rate of $20 per 30 minutes ($18 per 30 minutes for Current Members).
  3. Students can organise a Catch Up of 30 minutes to cover 2 hours of Group Course content and a catch up of 60 minutes to cover 4 hours of Group Course Content. This equates to one lesson for Group Express Courses and two lessons for Group Term Courses.
  4. Students are entitled to a maximum of 60 minutes Catch Up in total per term. This is not accruable over several terms and each student’s Catch Up quota will be restored to 60 minutes with each new enrolment.


  1. Payment must be received in full to book a Catch-Up Lesson appointment. No exceptions can be made.
  2. Payments can be made either by cash or with VISA or MASTERCARD over the phone or in person. Please note that we cannot accept cash payments in our CBD premises.
  3. Some Catch Up Lessons may be provided on a complimentary basis if the student’s absence meets certain criteria (see Complimentary Tuition below).


  1. The Alliance Française cannot be held responsible for students’ changes in work commitments or personal circumstances.
  2. Fees cannot be refunded if a student cancels their Catch-Up lesson less than 24 hours before the business day (Monday-Saturday, excluding public holidays) prior to the appointment.
  3. The lesson may be credited and organised at a later date, subject to teachers’ availability and if the cancellation satisfies the Cancellation and Changes conditions (below).

Cancellations and Changes:

  1. If a student is unable to attend their booked Catch Up Lesson appointment and/or if they wish to change the time of their appointment they must inform the AFM at least 24 Hours on the business day prior to the commencement of the Lesson with Reception via phone (03 9525 3463) or via email at reception@afmelbourne.com.au.
  2. If the student provides less than 24 hours’ notice prior to the commencement of the Lesson the Catch-Up Lesson fee will be surrendered.

Complimentary Catch-Up lessons:

  1. In “Special Circumstances”, at the discretion of Alliance Française de Melbourne and on request of the student, complimentary Catch-Up Lessons may be provided.
  2. Absences for “Special Circumstances” are defined as absences arising from Medical and/or Compassionate circumstances that are justifiable with supporting documentation (i.e. Doctor’s Certificate, certification of accident or death).
  3. Written justification of the student’s absence must be submitted in person or via email to the Head of Reception.
  4. The same Terms and Conditions as stated above apply to tuition offered on a Complimentary Basis.

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