Thinking About Driving
In France?

You better make sure you know all these road signs before hopping in the car...

This sign means that you have right of way.

This one means that you don't have right of way anymore.

This means you can't park, but you can stop your car there.

This means you can park and you can't stop your car there.

This one is the tricky one... in this area, from the 1st to the 15th of the month you need to park on the street side with the odd numbers
and from the 16th to the end of the month you have to park on the street side with even numbers...

This means the end of all restrictions previsously displayed. For example if you are on a national road and you had an 70km/h speed limit, the new limit is now 90km/h. 

This means you have to stop at the tollbooths ahead.

Watch out! There is a level crossing ahead.

This means you are entering the town of "courpière", the new speed limit is 50km/h!  (unless there is another road sign)

This sign is really important! It means that at the next crossroad, the cars coming from the right have right of way.

So guess what. In the case below, the car that has the priority is.... the red one, then the blue, then the yellow. Yes it's crazy!

But what's even more crazy is that sometimes in Paris, you can find roundabouts which give right of way to the right!
It looks something like this:

Phrases and words you may see on road signs or whilst driving in France:

Péage Toll fee
Douane Customs
Rappel Reminder, you generally see this word below speed limit signs, and it means "remember, you should already be at this speed limit".
Fin de chantier End of works/site/roadworks
Ralentir Slow down
Ralentir travaux Slow down, road works ahead
Arrêt Stop
Passage piétons Pedestrian crossing
Vous n'avez pas la priorité You do not have the priority and must give way
Chaussée glissante Slippery road
Chaussée déformer Road is deformed/bad condition

If you want more infos about other French road signs:

Check this link here


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