French animal noises

How Do Animals Speak French

Animals make different noises in different languages. The list below presents 22 animal noises you should make to have an interesting animalistic conversation in France !  

In English, the dog says "woof woof", but in French, le chien fait "ouaf ouaf" !

In English, the cat "meows",but in French,le chat fait "miaou" ! 

In English, the bird says "tweet tweet", but in French, l'oiseau fait "cui-cui" !

In English, the chicken goes "bock bock bock", but in French, la poule fait "cotcotcodet

In English, the rooster says"cock-a-doodle-do", but in French, le coq fait "cocorico" !

The chirping of chicks is "piou-piou" !


In English, the crow says "caw caw", but in French, le corbeau fait "croa croa" !

In English, the pigeon does "coo coo", but in French, le pigeon fait "rou rou" !

In English, the turkey says "gobble gobble", but in French, le dindon fait "glou glou" !

In English, the duck does "quack quack", but in French, le canard fait "coin coin" !

In English, the owl does "hoo hoo", but in French, la chouette fait "ouh ouh"

In English, the goat says "baa", but in French, la chèvre fait  "bêê " ! 

In English, the horse says "neigh", but in French, le cheval fait "hiii" ! 

In English, the donkey says "hee haw", but in French, l'âne fait "hi-han" !

In English, the pig does "oink oink", but in French, le cochonfait "grouin grouin" !

In English, the cow says "moo", but in French, la vache fait "meuh" !

In English, the frog does "ribbit ribbit", but in French, la grenouille fait "croac croac" !

In English, the lion says "roar", but in French, le lion fait "raoh" !

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