La Faute à Rousseau

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Wednesday 24 October / 6.30pm
Alliance Française de Melbourne / Free event, booking essential

Screening of short films celebrating the tercentenary of Jean-Jacques Rousseau followed by aconference-debate by Sara Wellman, Associate Lecturer at the University of Technology of Sydney.

Films for mature audiences

La Faute à Rousseau is a project gathering 55 film makers who pay tribute to one of the main philosophers of the Age of Enlightenment.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau is one of the few French-speaking writers who left a mark on literature on a universal scale. Born in Geneva in 1712, Rousseau spent more than 30 years in France where he is still seen as one of the initiators of the French Revolution. His work also influenced the overall development of modern political, sociological and educational thought.

His novel Emile: or, On Education is a treatise on the education of the whole person for citizenship. His sentimental novel Julie, ou la nouvelle Héloïse was of importance to the development of pre-romanticism and romanticism in fiction. Rousseau’s autobiographical Confessions, which initiated the modern autobiography, and his Reveries of a Solitary Walker, exemplified the late 18th-Century movement known as the Age of Sensibility, featuring an increasing focus on subjectivity and introspection that has characterized the modern age. His Discourse on the Origin of Inequality and his On the Social Contract are cornerstones in modern political and social thought.

La Faute à Rousseau brings together 55 renowned directors, young creators and film students to offer a vivid mosaic portrait of one of this main philosophers and writers of modern times. These short films come from Switzerland, France, Germany, Canadian Quebec, Lebanon, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, and the United States, and they show the extraordinary vitality and validity of Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s philosophy. Far from being a celebration, they are a powerful argument in favour of freedom, social contracts, education, and our connection to other people, subjectivity, and love. Realised on the occasion of Rousseau’s tercentennial, this project presents several short films from fictions to documentaries, essays and animations, all directed in complete freedom.
The screenings of some of the short films will be followed by a conference-debate conducted in English by Sara Wellman, Associate Lecturer  at the University of Technology of Sydney, doctorate in French literature and specialist of Rousseau.

Presented  by the Alliance Française de Melbourne and the Consulate General of Switzerland.

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