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Venez accompagner Guillaume dans les coulisses de Versailles pour écouter une autre histoire – une histoire qui a changé la vie d’un pays, d’un peuple, d’une nation. Venez écouter l’histoire de ses recherches à travers le monde entier pour des objets perdus et pillés du palais lors de la Révolution.

Now an Art Consultant in Australia, Guillaume Dillée began as a cabinet maker and restorer of antique furniture, later becoming a valuer of artworks including furniture, art objects and tapestries, especially those prior to the Gobelins period. In 2007, he was appointed court expert for both district courts and the Paris court of appeals, specialising in the valuation and identification of forgeries and the resolution of legal claims concerning furniture and art objects from 12th to 19th century France.

Guillaume Dillée is recognised as a specialist speaker on art market topics and on decorative art history, and has advised many collectors and curators on artwork acquisitions with his in depth knowledge of the art market, auctions and galleries. He is a specialist in the research, analysis and valuation of 17th, 18th and 19th century furniture and European art, having created a database of over 300,000 artwork references for his valuation agency.

Founded in Paris in 1920 and now present in Melbourne, Dillée Art Consultants is an independent art valuation and advisory consultancy and representative of French art professions on the international market. Across three generations of specialists, DAC has contributed to the international trade of works of art spanning both the public and private sphere

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