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La fête de la musique: an international enchanted celebration of Music  

21 June 2023

        La Fête de la Musique is an annual event that celebrates music in all its forms. It takes place every year on June 21 in many countries around the world. This special day is an opportunity for music lovers from all walks of life to get together, share their passion and enjoy a unique festive atmosphere. In this blog, we'll explore the history of la Fête de la Musique, its cultural and social impact, and some of the memorable moments that make it a must-attend event for music lovers.

A Tribute to Music:

       La Fête de la Musique was created in France in 1982 by Jack Lang, then Minister of Culture. The idea was to celebrate music by allowing all musicians, amateur and professional alike, to perform freely in the streets, public squares, parks, and gardens. Since then, la Fête de la Musique has become a worldwide phenomenon, with events organized in over 120 countries.

New York City, United States, 2022


@Namm Foundation


The magic of street performance:

       One of the most remarkable aspects of la Fête de la Musique is the opportunity for musicians to perform outdoors, creating a unique and festive atmosphere. In the lively streets, rock bands, street singers, orchestras, brass bands, DJs and many other artists share their talent with the public. Passers-by can discover new music, dance, and get carried away by the catchy melodies that take over the streets.

Berlin, Germany, 2018



A platform for musical diversity:

       La Fête de la Musique celebrates musical diversity by offering a stage open to all genres, from traditional music to contemporary styles. Fans of jazz, classical, hip-hop, reggae, folk and many other musical forms can find something to enjoy at this event. It's a unique opportunity to discover new local talent and celebrate the richness of music in all its splendour.

Athens, Greece, 2022


@Thomas Daskalakis


The Power of Music:

       La Fête de la Musique not only offers free performances to a wide audience, but it also has a positive impact on society. Music is a universal language that brings people together, transcends cultural barriers and creates an atmosphere of joy and sharing. It's a powerful means of promoting inclusion, artistic expression, and intercultural dialogue.

Bruxelles, Belgium, 2022



Memorable moments: 

       Over the years, la Fête de la Musique has given rise to many memorable moments. Iconic concerts, unexpected encounters between musicians and improvised performances have created lasting memories for participants. Each edition of  la Fête de la Musique is unique, bringing its share of musical discoveries and enriching encounters.

Nice, France, 2022

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