Multimedia Library Rules

General Provisions

The facilities and resources of the multimedia library of the Alliance Française de Melbourne (AFM) are primarily for the use of the students, members and staff of the AFM. The objectives of the library are to contribute to the transmission of the French and the francophone cultures and to provide information, resources and enjoyment for all.

Access to multimedia library items

The consultation of multimedia library items on the shelves and display stands of the library is not exclusively reserved to members and students. It is open and free to all patrons and requires no formal authorisation.
After consultation, items must either be returned to the librarian or be placed back on the shelves.


Any student enrolled in a class at the AFM can borrow items as long as their AFM student card is still valid.

Patrons who do not study at the AFM but wish to borrow items are required to become a member of the AFM.

The selection of items borrowed by minors must be supervised by their parents or guardian. The AFM librarian or other employee cannot be held responsible for their choice of borrowed items.

Multimedia library patrons are responsible for all multimedia library items issued to them and are required to take due care of them in order to preserve their good condition. It is strictly forbidden to write or to draw on the items or to fold or turn down the corner of the pages.

In order to avoid any dispute, it is advised to mention all faults/damage on items at the time of borrowing.

Extension of borrowed items is possible only when:
- The item(s) is (are) not already overdue
- The item(s) has(have) not already been reserved by another patron of the library

Outside these specific conditions, all borrowed items can be extended once by requesting on site in person or by email at:

Borrowing allowances





For 4 weeks




For 1 week




For 1 week




Please note that all items can be renewed once.

Return of multimedia library items

Items must be returned by the due date and directly given to the librarian or placed in the returns box located outside the entrance to the main multimedia library.


Library patrons are responsible for all library items issued to them. In the event of loss, failure to return library materials or damaged items patrons may be charged with the replacement cost of the items, plus loss of his/her library privileges temporarily or permanently.

Patrons who do not return items on time can be charged penalty fees:
- A first notice will be sent by email 3 days after the due date. The patron will then have 3 days to return the item(s). If items are still not returned 7 days after the original due date, a penalty fee of 25c per item per day will apply.
- A second notice will be sent by email, 4 days after the first notice advising the patron that a penalty of 25c per item per day now applies until the return of the item(s).
- A third notice will be sent by email 7 days later reminding the patron that a penalty of 25c per item per day is still being applied.
- A final notice: “Final notice for overdue library items” will be sent by post, 21 days after the third notice advising the borrower that if the item(s) is/are not returned within 7 days following receipt of the letter, the borrower will be requested to pay for the replacement of the said item(s) as per the details supplied by the librarian. The replacement cost of the said library item(s) does not include or annul the penalty fees already due.

Application of the rules

Any patron joining the library agrees to abide by the present rules. Repeated breaches or negligence may cancel temporarily or permanently borrowing rights.

The present rules are:
Displayed in the multimedia library and at the front desk

The team of the AFM is in charge of ensuring that the present rules are applied and observed by all library users.

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