This week we checked in with three of our students to see what learning French means to them...


Currently enrolled in a VCE3&4 French class and private tuition

Why are you learning French?

Ever since I can remember I have always thought that French is such a beautiful language to listen to whenever I heard it spoken. It became my goal to become fluent upon listening to French songs, such as 'Quelqu'un m'a dit', as I hoped that one day I would be able to understand the lyrics. Since beginning classes at school and at the Alliance Française I have fallen in love with not only the language but the culture too. Today, French has intertwined with my every day life as I continue to get closer to reaching my goal.

What have you found the most challenging in your learning experience? What about the most rewarding?

Funnily enough, my most challenging and rewarding experiences come as a pair. When I went on a 10 week exchange to France at the end of last year, I was initally overwhelmed by how much I struggled to express myself and understand others. However, when the language began to click after a couple of weeks and all the things I had learnt in classes back home began to become relevant; nothing can describe how rewarding a feeling that was. After that, everything became worth it.

What do you hope to do with French in the future?

When I finish school, I plan to travel to France again and other Francophone countries to practise my French and use it to learn about different cultures. After that, I will definitely continue to study French and I hope to have a career that incorporates the language.

What is your favourite word or expression in French?

My favourite expression would have to be <<Oh la vache!>> which means literally "Oh the cow!" but translates to "Oh damn!" There are many French expressions I love though so it was a tough pick!


Currently enrolled in A2.5

Why are you learning French?

I'm learning French because I have always loved watching French films and found the language to be beautiful. I am interested in learning more about French culture and also to be able to communicate better when visiting France or French speaking regions.

What have you found the most challenging in your learning experience? What about the most rewarding?

The most rewarding part of learning French is when everything 'clicks' and I am able to link what has been learned in class to watching a film or reading an article and understanding certain grammatical concepts…The most challenging part would be to be able to think quicker on the spot and to find the appropriate vocabulary in a practical situation…

What do you hope to do with French in the future?

I hope to continue learning French so that I can watch French films or listen to French songs without requiring subtitles or translations and to be able to speak fluently on my next trip to France !!

What is your favourite word or expression in French?

Joie de vivre

Elodie & Shobhana

Elodie is currently enrolled in Les Maternelles

Why did you want Elodie to learn French?

I think learning a second language opens a child's mind and adds so much richness to their lives. I really want my daughter to understand that people around the world speak and think in many different ways and they are all beautiful.  I chose French because I have a family connection on my mother's side who is Belgian and so I speak French myself.

What is the most challenging part of her learning experience? What about the most rewarding?

I think the biggest challenge is giving her the frequency of exposure outside of class with DVDs and books from the Alliance Library so that she retains what she learns. The most rewarding is seeing the sense of achievement in her when she is able to count or speak the French she has learnt. And also seeing her speak French with her grandmother makes me so happy.

What do you hope she can do with French in the future?

I hope it gives her the opportunity to live or travel in Francophone countries, and broaden her horizons generally in the world

What is her favourite word or expression in French?

Her favourite word is "Le papillon"... making a butterfly was the first craft she did at her Monday class! 

Got something to say? If you would like to share your experience about learning French we'd love to hear from you! Whether you have a funny anecdote from a recent trip to France, or would like to share how you are using French in your line of work, or have some advice to offer fellow students: email your ideas to marketing@afmelbourne.com.au. 

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