Group Courses for Children – Terms and Conditions

By enrolling in a Group Course for Children at the Alliance Française de Melbourne (“AFM”), you are agreeing to abide by the policies, procedures and regulations of the AFM. This includes agreement with the following terms. You are also providing confirmation that the information you have provided on enrolment is complete and correct.

  1. Registration and Payment
    1. The number of spots in a group is limited.
    2. Enrolment, unless otherwise stated, is on a first-come, first-served basis.
    3. Enrolments in some courses are managed via a Waiting List. Please contact Reception if you wish to register your child for these courses.
      1. To re-enrol in subsequent terms, Parents and Guardians are notified of a nominated cut-off date for their enrolment to secure their place. If they do not enrol by the nominated date, their place will be opened up to the waiting list.
    4. Parents’ or legal guardians’ contact details (phone numbers, emails and home address) must be provided at the time of enrolment for emergency and security reasons.  
    5. Restrictions may apply to the enrolment of your child (age, toilet training). Please contact Reception for more information.  
    6. The full course fee must be paid upfront at the time of enrolment.
    7. Courses can be purchased
      1. ONLINE via our shopping cart;
      2. OVER THE PHONE on (03) 9525 3463, with VISA or MASTERCARD; or
      3. IN PERSON at one of our front desks: 51 Grey Street, St Kilda or Level 13, 55 Swanston Street in the CBD. Please note that our CBD is a cashless facility.

  1. Discount and Concession rates
    1. Discounts are not cumulative: only one discount applies per person per enrolment in a Term or in a Holiday group course.
    2. Discounts do not apply to courses, immersion days, immersion weekends, events and workshops held outside Alliance Française de Melbourne.
    3. A 10% Members-only discount on group course fees applies to enrolments that are finalised and paid in full at least one week (7 days) prior to the commencement date of the Term. 
    4. Discounts are not applicable retrospectively to enrolments that have already been finalised

  1. Student’s Commitment
    1. Students enrol and commit to attend classes for the full length of the course.
    2. Students commit to stay with the same course for the full length of the course 
    3. Applications for a class transfer must be addressed in writing to the Children’s Coordinator.

  1. Level Assessment
    1. Students must enrol in the class that corresponds to their age group and/or level of French.
    2. Beginner students should enrol in
      1. 3-5 Years pre-school: Maternelles
      2. 5-6 Years at school: Prep
      3. 6-9 Years: Children 1
      4. 10-12 Years: Newbies 1
    3. Parents of children that have had previous exposure to French should contact Reception to discuss their background and to arrange an assessment if necessary.
    4. If you choose to enrol your child in a course that does not correspond their age/level OR in a class that does not correspond to level recommended by Alliance française de Melbourne, we reserve the right to interrupt your child’s study to reassess their level.
    5. If students feel that they have been incorrectly assessed, they are invited to contact us as soon as possible to be reassessed and offered a suitable solution.

  1. Class Size and Cancellation of Group Classes
    1. The maximum number of students that can enrol in a group course is
      1. 8 for Maternelles and Prep and
      2. 12 for Children, Newbies and Tweens classes.
    2. The minimum number of students required to open a course is 6. Courses that fail to attract sufficient enrolment numbers may be cancelled and students will be offered alternative solutions, such as
      1. A transfer to an equivalent class or level,
      2. Private Tuition,
      3. The postponement of their enrolment.
    3. If no suitable alternative tuition arrangement can be identified, refunds may be offered if the class is cancelled and are given at the discretion of Alliance française.
    4. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, Alliance Française de Melbourne reserves the right to:
      1. Cancel or reschedule courses;
      2. Change course details, time, location or teachers.
    5. Students will be notified of such changes as early as possible by e-mail, text messages and phone/voicemail.

  1. Deferring your course
    1. When a committed student is no longer able to attend class for the remainder of a course, we might be able to organise a partial credit note. Credit notes may be provided strictly in the event of one of the following unforeseen circumstances
      1. Following an accident or trauma (supporting documentation required);
      2. While receiving medical treatment that prevents the student’s completion of the course (supporting documentation required);
    2. Applications for credit notes must be addressed in writing by email to Head of Reception
    3. Credit notes will be the value of the course fee corresponding to the remainder of the course at the time the application is received, less a $50 administration fee. Strict conditions apply:
      1. They cannot be refunded for money;
      2. Credit Notes are valid for a period of 12 months from the date they are processed.
      3. Their validity period cannot be extended;
      4. They are not transferable;
      5. They are valid exclusively for Group Course purchases.

  1. Cancelling your enrolment
    1. Cancelling your enrolment prior to the course commencement date will incur a $50 administration fee. You will obtain a refund for the remaining balance of the course fee only. Applications must be addressed in writing to the Head of Reception by email.
    2. Cancellations and refunds after the course commencement date will not be considered except if the student’s situation falls under ‘6. Deferring your course’ as stated above.
    3. The following items are non-refundable
      1. Registration Fee
      2. Membership Fee (your Alliance Française Membership Card is valid independently from the course and still allows you to borrow from our library and to benefit from various discounts around town).
    4. The following items may be refunded
      1. Textbooks only if they have not yet been picked up from Reception.
      2. Returns to cancel your enrolment received after the course commencement date will not be considered.

  1. Public Holidays
    1. Classes will not be held on Victorian public holidays, but additional time may be added to some classes or rescheduled within the term.
    2. Refunds will not be given to students who are unable to attend replacement sessions.

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