La deuxième guerre mondiale

Source: Les chemins de la mémoire
Introduce your students to a crucial point in French history: the Second World War! We offer two workshops displaying two perspectives on this fundamental period: "The women in the French Resistance" and "Everyday life during the war in France."

The women in the French Resistance

Topics covered include: the situation of women in France before the WW2; the resistant movement in France and the commitment of women: why they took part in the resistance movement, what their missions were and what risks they encountered. The workshop also invite the student to research on the lives of three main figures of the Resistance after the war. Finally activities focusing on the movie "Les femmes de l'ombre" give students the opportunity to further their understanding of the issue.

Learning activities include: reading comprehension exercises, writing short paragraphs, watching and studying short documentaries, watching and studying a movie extract, describing and studying caricatures and listening comprehension exercices.

Everyday life during WW2 in France

Topics covered include: the country during the war; the Vichy regime; the figures of the war: De Gaulle, Moulin, Pétain. The workshop also invites the students to study the different aspect of the everyday life through short documentaries about food, public transport, clothes and communication. Finally, to go further, the students are given the chance to focus on activities about the movie "La Traversée de Paris".

Learning activities include: reading comprehension exercises, reading biographies and short paragraphs, describing and studying photographies, watching short documentaries, watching and studying a movie extract and listening comprehension exercices.

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