Discover some of France’s most illustrious icons from  Marie Curie to Victor Hugo in this 5-week French course!

Whether it be in the field of arts, science, politics, or gastronomy: France has contributed to these sectors some of the most important, and illustrious figures in history. In this 5-week thematic French course, students will be introduced to French icons, who have made an indelible contribution to society in France and the world-over. This course will give students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of French history and culture, while allowing them to practice their French language through debate and discussion. This course is designed for students with a level of A2.3 - B1.2.

Week 1: Cinema – Agnès Varda

Week 2: Gastronomy – Paul Bocuse

Week 3: Politics – Simone Veil

Week 4: Science – Marie Curie

Week 5: Literature – Victor Hugo

13 Nov to 11 Dec 2019
10:30am to 12:30pm


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