The DELF (Diplôme d'études en langue française) and DALF (Diplôme approfondi de langue française) are national exams internationally recognised certificates of French language proficiency, awarded by France Éducation International.

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Description and structure

DELF: Diplôme Elémentaire de Langue Française/Diploma in French language, A1 to B2 levels.

DALF: Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française/Advanced Diploma in French language, C1 and C2 levels.

For further information about DELF and DALF, visit France Education International's website.

2022 Cost

DELF A1 $230
DELF A2 $230

DELF B1 $285
DELF B2 $285

DALF C1 $340 (one spot left)
DALF C2 $340

2022 Schedule

Unless clearly advised otherwise, all exams are organised at our location, during business hours.

Please note that candidates will not be able to choose their oral examination date. They will receive an email one week before the examinations at the latest to inform them of the precise day and time of their exam.

Session October 2022
Dates Collective tests from the 24/10/22 to the 28/10/22
Individual tests will be scheduled between the 17/10/22 and the 15/11/22
Registration closure date 15/09/2022


Results are emailed to you about approximatively one month and half after sitting the test. After this, you will then receive emails advising you when your certificate and diploma have arrived - certificates require a few weeks after test results and diplomas require a few months - so that you can come and pick them up in office. If you cannot come and pick them up, we can arrange to have them mailed to you: you will need to provide us with an A4 Registered Post envelope with your name and address on it.

The publication of DELF-DALF diplomas is the responsibility of the FEI, which is located in Paris. Certificates are issued in Canberra. This certificate should allow you to undertake the necessary administrative procedures while waiting for the official diploma. Official diplomas can take several months to arrive at our office because they are published in France and are, then, sent by post.

Results assigned by national juries are final. If you failed the exam, you may apply to have a look at your exam paper within two weeks of your results being emailed to you. It can only be organised by appointment at our premises. To apply, please email C. Plaa at

Note that DELF/DALF examiners and markers are all trained and authorized by France Education International. They follow strict assessment guidelines and are regularly monitored.

How to register

If you have any questions, please contact C. Plaa on 03 9525 3463 or 

Please be aware that there is a cap on the number of candidates for each level due to classroom capacities. 

How to prepare

Not sure what your level is? Take this free online self-assessment created by FEI and RFI (page in French).

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