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An intercultural dialogue: when linguistics are involved in the current French-Australian submarine project

Join us for a very special encounter with Emmanuelle Crane to discuss the role of linguistics in the current French-Australian submarine project.

Monday 4 November,  7pm-9pm
$25 (includes refreshments)
Alliance Française, 51 Grey St, St Kilda

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About the presentation:

This talk will question the role of language in enhancing dialogue and eliminating misunderstandings that can occur in our sensitive defence industry. English is often the accepted working language in our global working environment, but how can the French adapt when the project is due to last for perhaps another 50 years? Overcoming language barriers and facing resistances that are not always easily recognisable to Australians is a real issue. The French who have worked internationally are puzzled to find that their previous experience with other native English speakers: Brits, Canadians or Americans, leaves them unprepared when interacting with Aussies. Australians, thanks to living in a multicultural society, perceive themselves as well equipped to deal with other cultures. What transpires in our perception as Australians who have developed a multicultural society? Words frequently used inter-culturally carry different meanings than those intended and can in fact reinforce the cultural gap. An example is French President Macron’s “delicious” comment to former prime Minister Turnbull regarding his wife. Ensuring that cross cultural ideas are not misinterpreted is critical to this enormous project’s success. 

About the author:

Emmanuelle Crane is a geopolitical analyst, commentator and specialist on intercultural issues in the defence industry. She consults and advises on international relations, justice and exploring peaceful solutions to conflict. Born in the USA to a French mother and American father and having lived in Australia for more than a decade, she has not only lived intercultural diversity, but also spent her life researching this area. She obtained an MBA (1995) and a PhD in Anthropology (2010) and currently lectures for the University of Paris Descartes. Her 15-year journalistic career includes working for SBS and JapanInfos. She is particularly focused on the intercultural discourse between Australia and France where she assists governmental departments and companies to harmonise cultural differences. She is a regular trainer of French and foreign officers from the Ecole Militaire in Paris and is currently enrolled in the Institute for Higher National Defence Studies (IHEDN) in the Political Defence session. 

The Melbourne Salon is a joint venture between RMIT University, the Institute for the Study of French-Australian Relations and the Alliance Française de Melbourne.It is a place where curious and open-minded people can engage in French-Australian cross-cultural dialogues with the aim of broadening the understanding of French and Australian perspectives on contemporary topics through conversation, debate and discussion. 

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