Documentary: May '68, A strange spring, part I and ii 

As part of the photography exhibition At the Heart of May '68 by Philippe Gras, a two-part documentary film will be screened at the Alliance Française. Directed by the historian filmmaker Dominique Beaux, the film examines the events of May ’68 in Paris from the other side of the barricades, highlighting the complexities of memory as many of those who participated in 1968 explain their thoughts today.

In French with English subtitles.

All screenings at the Alliance Française, 51 Grey Street, St Kilda

Entry is free, but please reserve your seats at least 24h before the screening.

"Working is bullshit" Photo: Philippe Gras, 1968


Thu 23 August – 6:30pm


Sat  25 August – 2pm


Thu 30 August – 6:30pm

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Wed 5 September – 6:30pm

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Thu 6 September – 6:30pm

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Sat 8 September  – 2pm

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Filming and photographing May '68

"[...] As the French used to repeat, be it with regret or with joy, and without exactly knowing why : “Nothing will ever be the same again...”. It is the strange aspects of their recollections that I wanted to explore in this film, and I decided for this purpose to contact people “from the other side”, people who had to confront the turmoil of May 68 : police officers, managers in business and industry, civil servants, politicians, soldiers… and finally leaders of the Communist Party, highly powerful at the time, to which the "leftists" were reproaching to stifle the working class and to betray the revolutionary ideals. 
I also wanted to change our look on this “Strange Spring” of 1968, simply by confronting recollections, somewhat distorted, with hard facts, using the chronology and images of the period. I have been careful to keep apart these memories from the developments of the following period, as in France, indeed, we often confuse May 68 with the years of militancy that followed and carried a wave of feminist activism and the "leftism" of the 1970s. All of this begins afterwards, even if it's immediately after May 68. This film simply explores the mystery of this event’s emergence in history, and the marks it has left in the minds of the people and their rulers."

- Dominique Beaux 

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