Charleze, 50, is charging her phone in the hallway. She no longer has a room in the hotel, her "home sweet home" for two years. May 2017. 

Farewell to the Gatwick

A photography exhibition documenting the last residents of the St Kilda Gatwick Private Hotel.

By French researcher and photojournalist, Renaud Coulomb

exhibition dates:

10 May to 13 June 2019 

Alliance Française de Melbourne
51 Grey Street, St Kilda

Talk and Q&A with Dr Julie Moschion, from the University of Melbourne
on the subject of homelessness.

Friday 10 May, 6:30pm - 7:15pm
Alliance Française Gallery


Official opening in presence of
Renaud Coulomb. Drinks & light refreshments on arrival.

Friday 10 May, 7:30pm - 8:30pm
Alliance Française Gallery


The Gatwick Private Hotel is a St Kilda institution. For decades it sheltered those who had nowhere else to go - it was a gateway for many, and a home for many more. French researcher and photojournalist Renaud Coulomb recorded the final 9 months inside the legendary hotel before it was shut down in 2017.

Farewell to the Gatwick is a photography exhibition documenting the variety of profiles amongst the ‘Gatty’s’ last residents, their perception of the hotel, what it meant for them, and their feelings about the closure. Coulomb also photographed the remarkable dedication of Gatwick’s owners -twin sisters Rose Banks and Yvette Kelly-and captured the unique affective bonds they fostered with the residents. The exhibition will showcase a selection of photos covering the period from October 2016 to June 2017.

Duncan, 64, a former accountant, has been at the Gatwick for 14 months, an "awesome" place. He is always hanging out with Rose and Yvette. May 2017.

Renaud Coulomb is a Lecturer and a Researcher in Economics at the University of Melbourne since 2015. His academic research focuses on political economy, urban dynamics and the economics of climate change. He has produced several photojournalism projects, covering anti-drug religious groups and the Kachin rebellion in Myanmar, massive emigration in Moldova amongst others. His portfolio on the Gatwick Private Hotel was published by Mediapart, -a prominent French investigation media-, in April 2018. Visit his photography website

Friday 10 May, 6:30pm - 7:15pm (RSVP above)

Homelessness: what circumstances and events lead people to lose their home?
Click here to read Julie's speech

When you see a homeless person in the street, do you ever think about what might have led them to this crisis point? And do you think that drugs might be involved? If you do, you are not alone: 91% of the general public say that drug addiction is the main reason why people are homeless. In contrast, when you ask people who are or who have been homeless, 64% point to relationship breakdown and conflict. But what do we actually know about the reasons why people become homeless? 

Julie Moschion is a Senior Research Fellow in the Melbourne Institute at the University of Melbourne. Julie participated in designing the Journeys Home Survey, a longitudinal study of Australians who are homeless or at-risk of homelessness. Her current research revolves around a number of issues related to disadvantage in education, housing, health and labour economics. She has published her research outcomes in various high-quality academic outlets and participated in more than thirty international conferences. 

Dave, from Fiji, has been sleeping at the Gatwick intermittently for 3 years. "We are lucky to have a roof and free meals". February 2017.

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