By Way of Navigation

An exhibition by Emma Hamilton
23 May to 30 June 2018

Please note: The exhibition will be temporarily closed between 21 - 24 June (inclusive)

Eildon Gallery, Alliance Française de Melbourne

Official opening Wednesday 23rd May, 6:30pm - 8pm
In presence of the artist


By Way of Navigation explores the disparities between our attempts to understand landscape through scientific calculation, mapping and photography, and our lived experiences.

By Way of Navigation places our scientific modes of understanding landscape in direct intersection with the terrain of a Norwegian island. This is a landscape where light is an integral form of measurement, and locals navigate through sightlines.

Using as its starting point a found diagram depicting the distortion of landscape through photography, this project explores the disparities between lived experience and our attempts to understand landscape through calculations, mapping and photography. Through the camera scientific observation meets visual observation, recording an image that simultaneously embodies the two.

The juncture between artificial forms of measurement and the natural world shows a disconnected but sometimes striking relationship.


Emma Hamilton is a Melbourne-based artist who has a keen interest in the materiality of the photograph. Oscillating between sculpture and photography, Emma’s practice operates at the intersection between these mediums. She brings photography into sculptural space as well as placing sculptural objects into photographic space. Often working with landscape, she engages a direct physical relationship between the site and making process of the work. In seeking new landscapes with which to work it has become apparent that the action of self-displacement is integral to her practice.

Emma is interested in the disparities between the observed and the recorded: the camera’s view of the landscape comparative to our experiential, visual observations. Within her practice, light becomes a bridging material between image and object. Linking many of her works is the notion of haptic visuality, or visual touching. Light is the material that transports our gaze, and while it is immaterial, its presence can be recorded through light-sensitive materials or used as a production material of her work.

 Emma has an active interest in responding to varied locations and landscapes, having made and/or exhibited work in France, Norway, Romania, New Zealand, as well as metropolitan and regional Australia.

Emma Hamilton, Searching for the Arctic Circle research image, 2016, digital photograph.

This project has been supported by the City of Port Phillip through the Cultural Development Fund

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