Sacred Heart Mission in association with the Alliance Française de Melbourne present



an exhibition by resident artists of Sacred Heart Mission's Queen Road Rooming House

Gary Binion - Bernie Bohan - Michael Cummings - Matthew Daniels - Leena Flemington - Richard Flanigan - Dorene Fisher - Bernadette Holeman - Leslie Holding - Farahnaz Jawaheri - Tania Joyce - Cathy Kwok - Finn Lobert - MM - Robin Payne - Harry Philipp - Peti Taufa

Alliance Française Eildon Gallery
51 Grey Street, ST KILDA
04 to 20 April 2017
Official Opening Friday 7 April, 5pm to 7.30pm
- RSVP here. 
Includes: residents playing music, speeches and refreshments.
Artworks will be for sale and 60% of sale price goes to resident artists.

Sacred Heart Mission's Queens Road Rooming House offers long term housing and support to people who have experienced homelessness. The Social Inclusion Program at Queens Road caters for a variety of interests including art, music and gardening. Awakenings explores individual's memories of life changing  themes. The exhibition provides the artists with a purposeful, optimistic shared communication channel.

SPECIAL TALK - Thursday 13 April, 6:30pm
Gail Marie Hart, Coordinator for Social Inclusion at the Sacred Heart Mission’s Queens Road Rooming House and Arts Therapist will present a special talk at the Alliance Francaise's Eildon Gallery on 13 april at 6:30pm. She will present an overview of what is done at the Sacred Heart Mission’s Queens Road Rooming House Plus Program (RHPP). She will also tackle the importance of art as a form of communication beyond the spoken word. Admission free.  Book here.


AWAKENINGS is an installation of visual arts and crafts, music and poetry.  AWAKENINGS is a forum using communication as a tool to achieve social inclusion.  The exhibition features 90 plus artworks from 17 residents living at Sacred Heart Mission’s Queens Road Rooming House.

AWAKENINGS explores individuals’ memories of life changing themes. It provides the artists a shared communication channel, purposeful and optimistic for empowerment and recovery. The exhibition aims to raise awareness about the success of people who have been marginalised to demonstrate the positive outcome of creativity as a vehicle for resilience.


The concept underpinning AWAKENINGS is that arts produce channels of both interpersonal and intrapersonal communication more powerful than the spoken word alone. By celebrating, through art and music the stories of people dealing with hardship, their talent is the focus. Using arts therapy to assist residents to develop their art, craft and musical interests is the goal of the staff and volunteers working at the onsite studio at Queens Road. AWAKENINGS is focused on building individuals’ identification as “artists”.

Finding a creative conduit for their abilities through art in different forms is an empowering experience for individuals. AWAKENINGS is designed to be a cathartic outlet for memories. Several universal themes are present in the art forms of the residents. For example, residents have used both lived experiences and nature as an underpinning to their growing awareness.


AWAKENINGS is about providing a community vehicle for increasing ambition and self esteem for resident artists at Queens Road Rooming House. It is about bringing awareness and education to the viewing public of the value of supporting people with health issues through art in all forms. The exhibition is proof individuals who have experienced homelessness can use their creativity to reconnect with the wider community.

Research demonstrates art can provide aid in healing for those suffering with illnesses by providing opportunities for purposeful and optimistic creative openings into mainstream society. Individuals participating in the arts report a heighten sense of joy and accomplishment. The artists at Queen Road find “strength in their artwork”.  Art brings a sense of “control, purpose and power” to individual’s lives.

Art can free the brain that is hurting through colours, processes, form and texture.  Arts therapy is used to stimulate the mind, helping individuals to improve their cognitive skills.

Queens Road Rooming House

Opened in 2005, the aim of Queens Road Rooming House is to help people break the cycle of homelessness by providing residents with stable, long-term accommodation and support to maintain their housing. Sacred Heart Mission, in partnership with Community Housing (Vic), manage Queens Road Rooming House.

The onsite Arts Studio opened its doors in 2008. The Studio was conceived as a safe space providing opportunities for socialisation and the use of art as therapy. Studio work offers a focus, a place to develop communication between self and others, a place for residents to explore their emotions, reflect on their awakenings and develop their artistic skills.

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