Australia Elements

An exhibition by French artist Caroline Bouquet

In Australia, the elements dominate our senses. Fire, Earth, Wind, and Water – they bring awe, silence, fear, contemplation, beauty, all at once. French artist Caroline Bouquet has managed to capture this identity of Australia through her exquisite illustrations and through her bilingual book entitled ‘Australia Elements’. This exhibition combines the original illustrations that appear in this book, as well as a number of her other drawings of Australian landscapes and Melbourne scenery.

Alliance Française Eildon Gallery
51 Grey Street, St Kilda, 3182

Exhibition dates: 3 August - 7 September

Official closing night: Wednesday 6 September, 6:30pm-8pm

Including a presentation & book signing with Caroline Bouquet


'Carnet de Voyage'

From the orientalist diary of Eugene Delacroix, ‘Album in North Africa’ to ‘The ethnologist’s diary by Paul Gauguin’ travelogue and sketchbooks have played a prominent role in French ethnographic studies, and as a newcomer to Australia, Caroline draws on this same process in her art. Her work takes the form of sketches documented in a ‘carnet de voyage’ – an artist’s travel diary or sketchbook – which represents a creative process that is just as important for the artist as the images it produces: “the travel journal, presents an educated but fragile balance between stories and illustrations”. For Caroline, creating a travelogue of drawings encompasses not only the recreation of imagery, but storytelling, as it forces the artist to look, listen, reflect and research. By taking inspiration from its history, its maps and its myths, Caroline’s work acts as an ethnographic vision of contemporary Australia, embracing the country’s expansive nature as well as its urban settings, its people and its elements.



French artist Caroline Bouquet has lived in many places around the world, and currently resides in Sydney. In   Australia Elements, she continues her travels and the discovery of her inner self through the power and poetic force of the elements: Fire, Earth, Wind, and Water. With a Master’s in Fine Arts (Versailles) and a Doctorate in Sociology (Sorbonne), Bouquet has exhibited internationally over the past twenty years, with her work held in both public and private collections. She also authored and illustrated   Hong Kong Five Senses and Mapping Sydney.

Caroline’s books ‘Mapping Sydney’ and ‘Australia Elements’ will both be available for purchase at the Alliance Française during the exhibition

“Australia Elements”
H293mm x W225mm
104 pages. 92 images.
Full color. Hardcover.
Bilingual (English & French).
ISBN 9789881311580
AU $60

“Mapping Sydney”
H293mm x W228mm
100 pages. 60 images.
Full-color. Hardcover.
Bilingual (English & French)
ISBN 9789881521804
AU $50

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