2014 VCA Graduates Alliance Francaise Award Exhibition

Claire Kurzmann
Cassandra Martin
Tilly Perry
Tyler Reid
Benjamin S. Ritchie
Kate Sylvester
Antonia Tatchell

03 June to 03 July 2015

Alliance Francaise's Eildon Gallery
51 Grey Street ST KILDA VIC 3182
Free admission

The Alliance Francaise de Melbourne (AFM) is proud to present its annual award exhibition for VCA Graduates from 03 June to 03 July.

Seven students were selected at the VCA Graduate show last November as laureates of the AFM's prize: 
Claire Kurzman, Cassandra Martin, Tilly Perry, Tyler Reid, Benjamin S. Ritchie, Kate Sylvester and Antonia Tatchell.
Presenting an ecclectic body of work, embodying the Victorian School of Arts various art practices, each of these young talented artists will present the works of their choice in this exhibition.

I am interested in how art is shaped by different languages or structures. I work with both digital and traditional mediums in a way that they overlap and complement one another. I often focus on the painted surface and the shift from its traditional medium to its operation within a digital mode. By making scans of painted acrylic surfaces and then digitally manipulating and printing them, I wish to highlight how “the painterly” can become quite ambiguous in terms of materiality.

Claire Kurzmann is a Melbourne based artist. She graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts with a Bachelor in Fine Art in 2014 and is currently undergoing a Bachelor of Textile Design at RMIT. Her practice employs painting, photography and digital media manipulation. Her works have been exhibited in selected group shows throughout the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.


I am currently concerned with challenging the historically problematic artist-model relationship in regards to women's nude bodies. I aim to give agency to my models in how they present themselves and to honestly depict our sessions- whether they be funny, comfortable, awkward, or empowering. Minimal instructions are given on how to pose or how to prepare, and the environment is as casual as possible. All the women in my work volunteer to model and are looking for an experience with their nude bodies.

Cassandra Martin is a Melbourne-based, feminist artist. She graduated from the Victorian College of Arts with a BFA (Visual Arts- drawing), and is currently studying Gender Studies at the University of Melbourne to further inform her art practice. She predominantly works with watercolour paint. Cassandra has exhibited in a variety of shows within Australia, as well as in London for International Women's Day.



Mathilda Perry is a Melbourne based visual artist who generates conceptually driven works using a variety of materials and found objects. Perry works across a broad range of art forms, often incorporating sculpture, sound, music and video installation. Perry has a playful and open approach to materials and subject matter with her works often employing humour and narrative. Perry’s works arise out of a preconceived conceptual framework and typically reference pop culture and art history. Previous investigative studies include; automata, trickery, medieval woodcuts, spaghetti westerns and the relationship between animals and humans.

Mathilda Perry was born in London in 1991. In 2011 Perry exhibited in a group show at Rear View titled ‘Stone Henge’. In 2014 Perry completed a bachelor degree of fine art (sculpture) at the Victoria College of the Arts. Whilst undertaking her studies, Perry was in a number of group exhibitions at the VCA including ‘Dogma’ (2013) ‘Insert Title Here’ (2013) ‘Proud’ (2014) and the graduate exhibition. Since graduating Perry has been in an exhibition titled “Turn up your Radio” (2015) curated by Brendan Lee at Trocadero Art Space. Currently she resides in Melbourne.



'There's only one passion in most artists more violent than their desire for admiration; their fear of identifying the nature of such admiration as they do receive.
I do not fool myself about my work or the response I seek - I value both too highly.'

Tailored text talked by Richard Halley.

Education has been the theme in Tyler Reid's life for the last 6 years.
6 years thinking, exploring, attempting and making art. Material choices make up a large part of the foundation for his works.
Tyler's not 100% sure but he thinks he's boiled it down to: Material, hierarchy, gesture, alchemy, lighting, content and intent.
Melbourne based. Exhibited in places for people.
Tyler is all for simplistic beauty in lower industrial materials.



The notion of flow and movement is the central focus of my artwork and studies where I seek to explore the tensions and dynamics between artistic elements within composition, as well as continually experimenting with the idea of balance and seeming unbalance.
Other focuses of flow and movement is the idea of the ‘macro and microcosm’ where a design structure such as a face, figure or any object of interest has levels of intricacy and detail. The detail the is interwoven aims to give depth and vibrational rhythm as well as encouraging the viewer to explore the artwork up close and well as from a distance.

Architecture has also been a huge inspiration to my practise as it creates a space that is approachable and palpable within the space of the drawn or painted artwork. The study of cathedrals and mosques have become a key aesthetic and symbolic structure in many of my works. Other aspects of my art is concerned with the geometric structures that underpin much of the world around us, be these geometric patterns occurring in nature or decorative pattern and design.

Benjamin Richie is an up and coming Melbourne artist who graduated from the Vicitorian College of the Arts in 2014. Since graduating, Benjamin has established himself as a talented fine artist and graffiti artist who is currently applying himself to honing the practical aspects of the art trade. Central to his art are notions of flow and movement, geometric shapes, and architectural structures. He has utilized diverse mediums from spray paint to acrylics, oil, pen and ink, papercut, woodcut, pastels and watercolour.


The creative process has become a tangible mechanism through which all of my thoughts can transpire. The repetition of snapping the bonds between warp and wheft are satisfying to me. The action has the ability to trigger a trance like state, enabling my minds activity to find peace and order.
The shredded t-shirt, void of its utilitarian function, reveals painterly sensibilities within the garment. The unwoven threads, binded within the framework form varying compositions that can be manipulated and appreciated. A new reading of the t-shirt is accessible, enabling a greater understanding of the labor involved in the craftsmanship of everyday items we take for granted.

Kate Sylvester, born in Perth Australia, now lives in Melbourne. She studied a Bachelor of Arts degree, at La Trobe University in 2005, and in 2014 a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Painting, Victorian College of the Arts.
She founded & curated ‘At Kate’s Place’ 2012 – 2013 and was a Board member and Gallery Co-ordinator of 69 Smith Street Gallery, during 2014.



I work with photography that often center on the conflict between the present and nostalgia. I references childhood experiences and icons from the late 80’s and 90’s. Through this channel, I explore human identity and the influences of popular culture. I like to use props, which work as symbols such as food, sporting equipment, clothing and kitsch memorabilia. I like to constructs images, like a painting, to deliver quirky set-like displays of urban life.

Antonia Tatchell is a Melbourne based artist. She completed a Diploma of Visual Arts from the Brougham School of Art & Photography in 2008 and recently graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts with a Bachelor in Fine Art in 2014. Her practice employs photography and light box instillations.  Her works have been exhibited in selected group shows throughout Melbourne, Geelong and Brisbane.

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