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The Alliance Française Classic Film Festival aims to rediscover masterpieces of French cinema, highlighting a talent, actor or director who has made an indelible contribution to France’s celebrated film industry. The 2017 season is focusing on the iconic Jean-Paul Belmondo, showcasing restored versions of 6 of his most renowned films from 1961 to 1974.  Considered a key figure of the French New Wave, Belmondo’s career of almost 60 years has been internationally celebrated through a myriad of awards and eminent honorary titles such as the National Order of Merit.

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PIERROT LE FOU (Pierrot le Fou) - 1965

Director: Jean-Luc Godard.
With: Anna Karina & Graziella Galvani

Thursday 12 October
At the The Astor Theatre
6.30pm Glass of sparkling - 7pm screening


Ferdinand Griffon, unhappy in marriage and life, decides to leave the bourgeoisie behind and run away with the babysitter and former girlfriend Marianne. When they discover Marianne is being chased by Algerian gangsters, their adventure turns into a travelling crime spree from Paris to the Mediterranean Sea.

Other schedule:
Sunday 15th October, 4:15pm - Buy tickets  here

THAT MAN FROM RIO (L'homme de Rio) - 1964

Director: Philippe de Broca
With: Françoise Dorléac & Jean Servais

Airman Adrien Dufourquet is on an 8-day leave in Paris to visit his fiancée, Agnès. Upon arrival, he finds out that her late father's expedition companion, Professor Catalan, has just been abducted by two South Americans. Witnessing his fiancée being kidnapped and loaded on a plane to Rio, he decides to chase them all the way to Brazil in ingenious and dangerous ways.

Friday 13th October, 6:45pm - Buy tickets here
Saturday 14th October, 4:15pm - Buy tickets here

LÉON MORIN, PRIEST (Léon Morin, prêtre) - 1961

Director: Jean-Pierre Melville        
With: Emmanuelle Riva & Irène Tunc

Barny is a bitter widow who lives in a small French village during the Occupation. Although a Marxist, she is intrigued by the mysteries of religion. In confession, she flirts with the priest Léon Morin, a young and intelligent man ready to discuss anything. On the brink of conversion, Barny realises that she is falling for him. But Léon refuses her as he makes it his mission to steer her onto the right path.

Saturday 14th October, 6:45pm - Buy tickets here
Sunday 15th October, 7:15pm - Buy tickets here

DOULOS: THE FINGERMAN (Le Doulos) - 1963

Director: Jean-Pierre Melville
With: Serge Regianni & Jean Desailly

Following his release from prison, Maurice robs and kills his former friend, responsible for the death of his wife. He buries the money and jewelry and prepares for a new burglary, this time with Silien and Remy. But nothing goes as planned and Silien, an informer for police superintendent Clain, attempts to double cross him.

Saturday 14th October, 9:15pm - Buy tickets here
Sunday 15th October, 2:00pm - Buy tickets here

WEEKEND AT DUNKIRK (Week-end at Zuydcoote) - 1964

Director: Henri Verneuil                    
With: Catherine Spaak & Jean-Pierre Marielle

In June 1940, the Allies' troops are at the mercy of the German bombardments on the beaches of Dunkirk. Among them, French Sergeant Julien Maillet and his men are desperately trying to get to England with the English Army. During that chaotic weekend, nothing seems to go as planned

Friday 13th October, 9:00pm - Buy tickets here
Sunday 15th October, 11:00am - Buy tickets here 

STAVISKY - 1974  

Director: Alain Resnais
With: Anny Duperey & Charles Boyer

Serge Alexandre, a theatre impresario and financier, is one of the most glamorous figures of the early 1930's. His charm and talent helped him surround himself with the French industrial and political elite and lead an extravagant life in a palace with his beautiful wife. But underneath this luxury lifestyle lies corruption and fraud on a massive scale.

Thursday 12th October, 9:15pm - Buy tickets here
Saturday 14th October, 2pm - Buy tickets here

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