Terms And Conditions


Article 1- The Berthe Mouchette Competition of the Alliance Française of Melbourne (referred to as AFM hereafter) is open to all schools in Victoria, and independent students from Year 3 to Year 12.

Article 2–The fees of enrolment, and the dates of the assessments, final results and Awards ceremony are published on the AFM website. The AFM is engaged to respect them.

Article 3 – While the assessments are being conducted, participants must not possess mobile phone or electronic devices in the examination room. Students must not allow, induce, communicate with, or assist any other person to present for the exam.
They must not present for the examination in another participant’s place.

Article 4- Participants may seek assistance from the teacher or the examiner in case of any issue.

Article 5- All participants receive a certificate and prizes are awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners of each year level. Recipients of a mention spéciale de jury will also receive an award. The prizes are to be determined by the AFM and may not be negotiated.

Article 6- The prize for the best Y9 competitor and best Y10 competitor is an AFX Student Exchange 6 week reciprocal exchange program to France valued at $4900. The program includes Airfare and travel insurance, school fees, meals whilst in France, full support and assistance from AFX at the airport and during the stay, and does not include internal travel, pocket money and visa. The student hosts their French correspondent the following year in June/July  and will go to France in December. The travel dates and the program are not negotiable. In the event that the AFX student exchange prize winner is not able to travel at the aforementioned period, or does not comply with any requirement of the program, AFX reserves the right to award the prize to the Runner Up best overall Y9 or Y10 student.

Article 7- The Prix Alliance Française de Melbourne for the best Y11 winner is a pass to the 2 VCE Immersion days at AFM.

Article 8 – The Prix CREIPAC Aircalin for the best Y12 competitor is an educational/cultural trip for 1 week in New Caledonia. It includes 1 return airfare with Aircalin, course & accommodation fees arranged with CREIPAC.  Travel is on a firm space basis, though subject at all times to availability at time of request. Travel must be completed by a date determined by the airline  and travel during peak periods may not be available. It does not include Travel insurance.  The airfare is not transferable, redeemable for cash and is non-endorsable.

Article 9- Participants of the competition grant the AFM the right to use, reproduce and communicate the pictures and videos taken of them in AFM publications including the AFM Magazine, website, social media, and slideshow presentation of the Awards ceremony.


10.1 Candidates are considered hors-categorie if they fall into either of the following:

·          Have the opportunity of receiving support in French at home (e.g. French speaking parent/s);

·         Have spent more than 6 months in a French speaking country in the last 2 years.

·         Have been educated in a French bilingual school for more than 2 years.

10.2 Hors-categorie students are marked according to the same standards as others but are competing against other hors-categorie candidates only.

10.3 We ask for teachers’ cooperation in writing (HC) next to the surnames of these hors-categorie candidates at the time of registration, as well as explaining to students the meaning of this category.

10.4 Students enrolled in a bilingual program at one of the following bilingual schools, Camberwell Primary School, Caulfield Junior College, Auburn High School and Glen Eira College, are not hors-categorie but participate in the Berthe Mouchette Competition in an entitled category (see section 5)

Article 11 - Students enrolled in VCE units 1 & 2 must be enrolled in and participate as a Year 11 candidate in the competition; students enrolled in VCE units 3 & 4 must be enrolled in and participate as a Year 12 candidate in the competition.

Article 12 – By submitting an entry the participant accepts all competition conditions. No appeal on the method of the organisation or on the results of the competition will be accepted. No detailed feedback on individual performance will be communicated.The jury's decisions will be final.

Article 13 - Payment is to be made at the time of enrolment. A recipient-created invoice is available on the Berthe Mouchette page of the Alliance Française de Melbourne website for completion to satisfy the requirements of your administrative services. Please note the fees are inclusive of GST.

Article 14 - A list of all students enrolled together with a confirmation of scheduled assessment date will be e-mailed to the participating school before the assessments.  Any change whatsoever must be communicated at least one week before the assessment date. Please advise of any misspellings or changes by fax or e-mail only. There will be no refund for students enrolled in the examination and not showing up on the day.

Article 15 – The competition's terms and conditions are available to all participating schools.

Section 2. ORAL EXAM

Article 1 – The oral exam is one option given to Y3 to Y12 students participating in the Berthe Mouchette Competition. It is not compulsory. It can be taken whether or not the student is taking the written test.

Article 2 – The oral test for Y3 to Y10 students is a recital of a poem to be chosen from the AFM selection.

Article 3- The oral test for Y11 to Y12 students consist of two sections, both of which must be undertaken by the participant. The first section is a general conversation of 4 minutes. The second section, 5-minutes-long, is either the recital of a poem, the presentation of a picture, or the presentation of a theme; all followed by questions from the examiner related to the poem or the chosen topic.

Article 4-  The assessors are formally selected and trained by the AFM and their decision is final. No detailed feedback on individual performance will be communicated.

Article 5 - Participant may not bring any recording material into the examination room.

Article 6- Only the examiner and the participant are allowed in the exam room.


7.1 Students recite one poem from a choice of four for their Year level.
7.2 The poems must be learnt off by heart.
7.3 The title of the poem and the name of the poet must be cited.
The poem recited must be exactly as cited on the AFM website.

7.5 Participants may bring a hard copy of the poems to the exam room, but they will be marked accordingly.


Article 1 – The written exam is one option given to Y9 to Y12 students participating in the Berthe Mouchette Competition. It is not compulsory. It can be taken whether or not the student is taking the oral test.

Article 2 - A teacher needs to be present in the examination room of the school to supervise the test.

Article 3- Students who arrive more than 15 minutes after the start of the test will not be able to sit the exam. Students are not allowed to leave the classroom during the exam.

Article 4- Examiners are allowed to clarify, in English, the exam instructions or questions, if they are asked to do so by the students. Examiners must not translate any of the sentences or words from the exam paper.

Article 5- The students are strictly forbidden to copy or share their answers. If the examiner, or the corrector, have any reason to believe that participants have been copying each other during the exam, they reserve the right to disqualify them from the competition.

Article 6- Students are not allowed to bring their own copybooks and papers to the exam room. They must use the paper provided .

Article 7- Students are allowed to have their own pencil case on the table. They are allowed to use an English-French dictionary.

Article 8- The written exam remains the property of the AFM and will not be returned.  The school/student may make a copy of the completed exam paper for their own feedback purposes before sending it back to the AFM. 


Article 1 - This competition is only open to students from Y3 to Y6 who are participating in the Berthe Mouchette poetry recitation for Victorian schools.

Article 2 - The participants are invited to illustrate the poem chosen with a drawing expressing their vision of it.

Article 3 - The drawing has to be produced in A4 format and on only one side of the sheet with coloured pencils, textas, crayons or pens only. (No paint or collage). Drawings that use other materials will not be accepted. Please note that drawings should not be laminated.

Article 4 - Title of the poem has to be on the same side as the drawing. (a caption is allowed but should not exceed 5 lines).

Article 5 -The participant’s full name should be written on the back of the drawing, together with the year level and the name of the school. Student details noted on the front of the drawing will be disqualified.

Article 6 - The postage is the school’s responsibility. (Teachers may organise a selection of the best drawings but please note we welcome all drawings).

Article 7 -The deadline for receipt of drawings is the 31st July 2020. We take no responsibility for entries that are lost, delayed, misdirected or incomplete or cannot be delivered or entered for any technical or other reason.

Article 8 – The jury will be presided over by the director of the AFM assisted whenever possible by a guest Artist. AFM staff and/or board members are invited to compose the judging panel. The decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Article 9 – The best drawings will receive a prize.

Article 10 -The winners of the competition grants the AFM the right to use, reproduce and communicate the winning drawing in AFM publications including the AFM Magazine, website, social media, and slideshow presentation of the prize giving ceremony. A selection of drawings will be exhibited during the prize giving ceremony.


Article 1- Candidates currently enrolled in one of the following Bilingual school programs, Camberwell Primary School, Caulfield Junior College, Auburn High School and Glen Eira College, enter the competition in a separate category and are entitled to a different prize, the Prix des Ecoles Françaises.

Article 2- Only a 1st place winner prize will be awarded to each year level.

Article 3- The Y7 to Y10 students from bilingual schools are required to write a poem based on a topic provided by the AFM. They do not recite the poem. The Y3 to Y6 students from bilingual schools recite a poem from a selection specifically for the Prix des Ecoles Françaises chosen by the AFM.

Article 4- The papers are anonymous, must not be signed, or present any distinctive mark.

Article 5 – Candidates participating in this category cannot participate in any other sections of the competition.  They cannot recite a poem as an hors-categorie student; nor can they participate in the written exam section as an hors-categorie student.

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