Berthe Mouchette competition

What is it ?

The Berthe Mouchette Competition is an opportunity for students to practice the French language by participating in a competition with great prizes to be won!

There are two categories, oral and written and an additional “nouveauté” a Drawing Competition for the Primary level participants.

  • Years 3-10 recital of a French poem

  • Years 11-12 general conversation and recital of a French poem or presentation of a theme or an image.

  • Years 9-12 written test papers - based on Victorian Secondary School Standards

The prizes

All participants receive a certificate and prizes are awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners of each year level.
Prizes include beautiful French books, encyclopedias, CD's, DVD's and....

Le Prix AFX Student Exchange

- a 6 week exchange program to France  (BEST Year 9 and BEST Year 10 competitors)


- a French cultural indulgence (BEST Year 8 winner) 

Le Prix Alliance Française de Melbourne

- VCE Immersion days in St Kilda in 2020 (BEST Year 11 winner)

Le Prix CREIPAC Air Calin

- an educational trip to New Caledonia (BEST Year 12 winner) tbc.

Who can enter?

The competition is open to all students from Year 3 to Year 12 in all schools across Melbourne and Victoria.  Even students from non-participating schools and home schooled students may enter as independent candidates.

Can this help prepare for VCE?

As the oral and written assessments are conducted under exam conditions, many teachers use this competition as a motivational tool and as practice for the end of year VCE exams.

How to enter?

Firstly please contact Kellee Lewis, Competition Coordinator, on 9525 3463 or by email at

Once you have reserved a date, please complete and send your student list. Click here for instructions.

Important dates 2019

Oral Assessment Period: 

• Years 3-10                                  1 May – 24 May
• Years 11-12                                 24 July –  13 August

Written Tests to be returned by: 

• Years 9-10                                   31 May
• Years 11-12                                 31 July


Years 3-10                                     31 MARCH
Years 11-12                                    31 MARCH  


• Years 7-8                                       Sunday 4 August
• Years 3-6                                  Sunday 18 August
• Years 9-10                                   Sunday 25 August
• Years 11-12                                 Sat 7  & Sun 8 September

Results announcements

Years 3-8 results for the period 1 May to 24 May

announced by email 14 June to teacher coordinating the Competition within the school.

Years 9-10 results for the period 1 May to 24 May

announced by email 17 July to teacher coordinating the Competition within the school.

Years 11-12 results for the period 24 July to 13 August

to be announced by email 27 August to teacher coordinating the Competition within the school.

WINNERS Years 3-12 to be announced on our website 18 September 2019

Awards ceremony 2019

TUESDAY 19th November 2019 at 7pm
St Kilda Town Hall

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