Fees And Payment


Payment is to be made at the time of enrolment. A blank invoice is available (see below) for completion to satisfy the requirements of your administrative services. Please note the fees below are inclusive of GST.


We are committed to providing teachers and students with a quality product to assist in the preparation of VCE end of year exams, therefore in 2018 we will implement the VCAA procedure of a second review of the correction of all Year 11 and Year 12 exam papers.


As a general rule an assessor can only be sent to a school if the minimum requirement of 100 (Years 3-10) or 20 (Years 11-12) participants is met.  When there are fewer participants than this, the Alliance Française invites the school and their students to our establishment for the recitals.
Should the requirement not be met it is possible to pay a supplementary travel fee to have an examiner visit your school. Please do not hesitate to contact the competition coordinator should you wish to discuss.


Forward payment to our office (by cheque or Electronic Bank Transfer) together with the completed Tax Invoice.


NO REFUNDS will be given.

Poetry Recitation 3 to 10 $5.80
Written Test 9 and 10 $8.00
Oral 11 and 12 $14.00
Written Test 11 and 12 $21.00

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