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Year 11&12 French courses

VCE 3&4 Immersion Day - 05 June 2022

Holiday Intensive

This course is for students who have studied French for six years or more (typically Year 12) and is particularly suited to those taking VCE French Units 3 & 4. With content in line with the new VCE Study Design, this course provides extra practice at an advanced level in order to build students' confidence in French and prepare them for their assessments and final exams.

This program is designed to be studied over a full school year. Students joining this course in Term 1 should have completed Year 11 (B1) or have been assessed prior to enrolling. If registering in Term 2, 3 or 4, please contact us before enrolling to check that this is the recommended learning option for you.

No textbooks are required for this course. All material will be provided by the teacher.

Pace: 1-day Immersion Class

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