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Grammar Clinic: Language toolkit - Week 3

Product Code: SKLanguageToolkitFA - Week 3 2020

Age Group Adults
Type 1-day courses for adults
Session 2020 - Summer Holiday Intensives
Pace 1-day Immersion Class
Level Grammar Clinic: Language toolkit
Grammar Clinic: Language toolkit
Grammar Clinic: Language toolkit
Grammar Clinic: Language toolkit
Schedules On Friday, 24 Jan 2020
  • From 11:00am to 5:00pm at AF St Kilda > Room 4
- Complimentary French lunch included
- Vegetarian option available. If you have any dietary requirements, please contact us to check the menu
- Not sure about your level or if this course is suitable? Please contact us.
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Many native Anglophone speakers find learning a second language difficult – because they get stuck in lesson #1: what’s a verb? A noun? An adjective? An adverb? If you have found yourself in this situation, don’t be alarmed - you’re not the only one. Many Australians were not taught the rules of English grammar at school, making it much harder to learn that of a foreign language.

This one-day Grammar Clinic is taught entirely in English and is designed to give students a ‘language toolkit’ that will subsequently make it much easier to study French (or another foreign language). Students will be taught fundamental grammatical terms (see below), and will be given examples and exercises to ensure their understanding. The teacher will assume no prior grammatical knowledge, so students will be encouraged to ask questions – no matter how basic they may seem!

Below is a list of expressions that may be covered during this Grammar Clinic:

• Adjective
• Adverb
• Conjugation
• Definite article
• Direct object
• Gender
• Indefinite article
• Indirect object
• Infinitive
• Noun
• Participle
• Past participle
• Preposition
• Pronoun
• Relative pronoun
• Subject
• Verb

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